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Tom Muller

27_thum.jpgName: Tom Muller
What: Graphic Designer of stuff
Company: kleber [fulltime] / (hello)Muller [extracurricular], Duolog [collective], Plan BSE [collaboration]
Where: London – UK
Age: 31
Looking at: Bambaland�
Listening to: El Caco, Amon Tobin, Tony Touch, Fu Manchu

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Mark Likosky

markl_thum.jpgName: Mark Likosky
What: Photographer
Company: Freelance
Where: Brookyln, NY
Age: 30
Looking at: My spelling mistakes, Lodown, NO LOGO, Notations in Passing, Mirrors & Windows,etc…
Listening to: Bad Brains, Weird War, Smiths, Pell Mell, etc

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neighbor.jpgNeighbor was formed as the ideal interface between creative impulse and client’s needs. Firmly grounded in process, they emphasize the understanding of environments and materials, as well as respecting the need for clarity in information design and the balance of form versus function.

Small and focused, neighbor affords closer communication with clients, and also allows better control over both creative and production processes.


Shawn Barber

thum27.jpgName: Shawn Barber
What: artist
Where: san francisco, ca
Born/ Age: 11.07.70
Looking at: wallpaper, ride bmx, ivan brunetti’s haw
Listening to: pigface, descendents, anti-flag, helmet, fugazi, pantera, ministry, refused

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Louis Porter

thum17.jpgName: Louis Porter
What: Photographer
Company: Freelance
Where: Melbourne / Australia
Age: 27
Looking at: The Men of Arlington house by Deidre O’Callahan
Listening to: My neighbours bloody dog

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Brett Yasko

brett_yask_thum.jpgName: Brett Yasko
What: Designer
Company: BRETT
Where: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Born/ Age: 36
Looking at: not enough
Listening to: The Weakerthans, Ben Folds, Gil Scott-Heron

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