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saturday.jpgSaturday is a design agency offering graphic design and art direction from concept through to execution. Founded in 2003 by Erik Torstensson and Jens Grede, the agency is situated in London and comprises a team of art directors, designers, project managers and strategists.

Projects range from graphic, packaging and editorial design to art direction and advertising for the fashion, fragrance and media industry.



89_thum.jpgName: Merda
What: illustrator/designer
Company: iMerda
Where: Melbourne, Australia
Age: 34
Looking at: Computer Screen…
Listening to: Computer Hummmm…..

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Kustaa Saksi

31_thum.jpgName: Kustaa Saksi
What: Illustrator, designer
Company: Mongrel/Freelance
Where: Paris, France
Age: 28
Looking at: -
Listening to: -

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