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shilo.jpgShilo is a collective of designers, animators, and directors who share a common obsession to forge a new perspective in storytelling. Creating compelling work, both client-driven and personal, Shilo strives to not only push the boundaries of contemporary motion graphics and direction, but also strike a nerve in an ever-numbing audience. Combining live action, 3d, classic typography, illustration, music and sound design. Shilo creates projects with boundless emotional impact.


Mark Holthusen

mark_holt_thum.jpgName: Mark Holthusen
What: Photographer
Company: Freelance
Where: San Francisco USA
Born/ Age: 35
Looking at: IDN Magazine
Listening to: Peaches

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Matt Pyke

thum5.jpgName: Matt Pyke
What: All-over-the-place-creative-director-designer
Company: Universal Everything – a modular team of designers, programmers, musicians
Where: Sheffield, UK / other members from all over the globe
Born/ Age: 02/02/75
Looking at: Bodys Isek Kingelez (artist from Democratic Republic of Congo)
Listening to: MF Doom / Jimmy Edgar / Freeform / Sufjan Stevens

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Joseph Holmes

thum4.jpgName: Joseph Holmes
What: Photographer
Company: Freelance
Where: Northern California
Age: Fifty Two
Looking at: As much as possible
Listening to: iTunes, Air America, and National Public Radio

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59_thum.jpgName: Fafi
What: Street painter, graphic designer, illustrator
Company: Freelance
Where: Toulouse, france
Age: 27
Looking at: Get inspired by girls around me
Listening to: nude dimension label, metal, no doubt

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Blink PhotgraphyRecently released in paperback format, this cool blue cover of BLINK contains some very hot photographers. By seeing what this elite selection of photographers sees (or wants you to see) reveals to you an imaginative vacation to worlds you never knew existed but wished you had time for.

BLINK provides an up-to-the-minute, global overview of contemporary photography. BLINK contains the enormous breadth of ideas, forms and approaches influencing photography today. It covers all types of work, from art to photojournalism, fashion to digital photography. Read the rest of this entry »