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Chris Sickels

thum23.jpgName: Chris Sickels
What: Illustrator
Company: Freelance
Where: Greenfield, Indiana USA
Born/ Age: 25 Feb. 1974
Looking at: Gardner’s Art Through the Ages, Tim Hawkinson, birds
Listening to: The Handsome Family, Hank Williams, Cracker, Johnny Cash

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group94.jpgConsistently raising the bar for functional and effective websites in any format. This Belgium collective display how form and function can live happily in harmony. Their long list of portfolio works will keep you busy for a while, they speak volumes about the dedication to development that must take place in production.


Adam Larson

120_thum.jpgName: Adam Larson
What: Deisgn director / designer / illustrator
Company: Shrine
Where: Boston, MA
Age: 29
Looking at: Matthew Barney, The Brothers Quay, Tokion, VICE, Eye
Listening to: Four Tet, Blond Redhead, Modest Mouse, Arab Strap, The Microphones, +/-

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John Hendrix

thum26.jpgName: John Hendrix
What: Illustrator
Company: Freelance
Where: New York City
Age: 27
Looking at: McSweeny’s No. 13, Robert Lawson, Winsor McCay, Lizbeth Zwerger
Listening to: Wilco, Switchfoot, Over the Rhine, Pedro the Lion, Beastie Boys

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Yuko Shimizu

thum25.jpgName: Yuko Shimizu
What: illustrator, fine artist
Company: Freelance
Where: New York, NY, USA
Born/ Age: July 15, 19XX
Looking at: Japanese woodblock prints (Hokusai, Utamaro, Kuniyoshi), movie poster paintings by Robert McGinnis, books by Yukio Mishima
Listening to: “Message in a Box” by The Police, “40 Licks” by Rolling Stones, “the Best of Earth Wind and Fire”, “Kinks The Ultimate Collection” “The Dreamers Soundtrack”, all the sound tracks by Quentin Tarrantino, Bjork, and all CDs by MOMUS.

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Justin DeGarmo

thum24.jpgName: Justin DeGarmo
What: illustrator?
Company: Freelance
Where: Arizona, USA
Born/ Age: 6.23.79
Looking at: Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corigan…, Chuck Palahniuk’s Survivor, McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern #13; Director’s Label DVDs
Listening to: Squarepusher – Music is Rotted One Note; Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks – Pig Lib; Django Reinhardt; King Oliver; The Cars; Miles Davis – Bitches Brew; Radiohead – Kid A; Aphex Twin – Drukqs; and Fresh Air on NPR

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