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Alejandro Fuentes

thum42.jpgName: Alejandro Fuentes
What: Illustrator/ Designer
Company: Freelance= Los Fokos
Day Job= Speedo/ Nautica
Where: Los Angeles, CA
Born: Sep-22-75
Looking at: Big Man by Mazzuchelli, No. 5 (vol.2) by Matsumoto, & The Many Moods of Phil Hale
Listening to: Tom Waits, Dead Can Dance, Vince Guaraldi from “Peanuts”

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Blue Source

blue_source.jpgBlue Source is a small creative studio based in London. They seek to progress and celebrate mainstream image making through art direction and design. Their rigorous approach to projects is intuitive, collaborative and involved. They have been commissioned to create artwork for the music, fashion, arts, publishing and entertainment industries. They choose to work within these key cultural disciplines and alongside those with whom they have empathy. This way of working informs their creative output and has come to represent what is at the heart of their design practice.


Ty Lettau

128_thum.jpgName: Ty Lettau
What: Designer
Company: Sound of Design
Where: Milwaukee, U.S.
Age: 25
Looking at: 1961 Time-Life Science Library (currently: Weather and Machines)
Listening to: Coldplay, Eminem, Kemlus, Lenny Kravitz, Lisa Loeb, Moby, NIN, Outkast, and Lab360 Movies

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Yann Do

129_thum.jpgName: Yann Do
What: student (aiming for a BA in graphic design)
Company: university of art and design :) don’t have a full-time job yet. Doing some freelance works from time to time tho
Where: neuchatel, switzerland
Age: 25
Looking at: dot dot dot magazine. the many moods of phil hale
Listening to: def jux (el-p, cannibal ox..). and mainly turntablism stuff, dj like d-styles, toadstyle, excess, nicks. some funk and soul as well. some trip-hop too

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Big Active

big_active.jpgA London based creative studio specialising in art direction & design, and the creative management of a select number of internationally recognised illustrators and photographers.

Big Active offers a comprehensive production service, taking care of both the clients needs and photographers requirements to ensure that the very best is achieved from every brief.


For Office Use Only

fouo.jpgThe New York-based design studio of Anh Tuan Pham. FOUO designs, develops, and conceives interactive and motion graphic projects for arts, media, and commerce related clients. FOUO partners with a network of designers, programmers, and multidisciplinary creatives on a project-to-project basis. They seek to deliver unique and compelling visions and experiences to all the projects they undertake.