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G.T.F. How does digital technology affect you?

graphic_thought_facility.jpgThis succinct book is an exploration of the ideas, themes and solutions that re-occur in the work of graphic designers Paul Neale and Andrew Stevens. It is a privileged insight to a career long survey of work by G.T.F.

It is compact and refreshing, providing a snapshot of inspiration.

Text and captions are contained in a seperate booklet. This relates to the book, which is a series of photographic captures of their works laid out on the studio floor.


Graphic Thought Facility

graphic_thought.jpgGraphic Thought Facility are a graphic design consultancy, working for public and private clients on a variety of national and international projects. We produce both print and three-dimensional graphics for publishing, marketing, press, exhibition, events, product development and brand applications.

Graphic Thought Facility was established as a partnership in 1990 and as a limited company in 1997. The practice is jointly owned by three directors – Paul Neale, Andy Stevens and Huw Morgan. Our team consists of six graphic designers and one studio manager.

Graphic Thought Facility operates a single office in London.