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Graphic Design for the 21st Century

gd_for21c.jpgPublished by Taschen, this book does indeed present a sweeping look at today’s progressive graphic currents. I was suprised and pleased with the list of 100 leading graphic designers that made the cut from around the globe. It’s a bit of a mixed bag of the works included, from web to branding to packaging, but of the many influences and styles presented the quality is impressive. (I also found it a very interesting read, especially each designers view on the future of graphic design)

A great resource of contemporary designers and works. For further info and images, go here: Graphic Design for the 21st Century

Patrick Sundqvist

115_thum.jpgName: Patrick Sundqvist
What: illustrator, designer, photographer – Yes, all of the above
Company: Supershapes – Patrick Sundqvist Design
Where: Stockholm
Age: 32
Looking at: None Really, at the moment. Have been staring at the Sun a lot lately
Listening to: Right now, The Roots -Phrennology

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Erik Wahlstrom

116_thum.jpgName: Erik Wahlstrom
What: photographer
Company: freelance
Where: Gothenburg, Sweden
Age: 21
Looking at: tove janssons wonderful illustrations/texts in her books about
Listening to: my close friends, nick drake, erlend �ye and chet baker

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GH avisualagencyâ„¢

graphic_havoc.jpgGH avisualagencyâ„¢ is a collective of five, working with the overlap of art and design. Their interests lie in the exploration of collaborative process, its effect on commercial design projects, and on our fine art. All collaborations begin with the five individuals that make up GH avisualagencyâ„¢ and, in the case of design, branch out to clients and other outside entities. Each member of GH avisualagencyâ„¢ pursues their individual creative goals then brings that experience to bear on the collaborative work done within the company.


Magnet Studio

magnet_studio.jpgWith an extensive client list of recording artists, Magnet hails from London, and has been servicing the music industry for more than a decade.

The urban aesthetic is prevalent in the works and the graphic interpretations do justice to the UK music stylings.

“Most importantly we have a passion for what we do. We love design.”

Boooooo you Magnet Crew.


Craig Metzger

41_thum.jpgName: Craig Metzger
What: making pretty things
Company: craig metzger and his pencils
Age: Dirty Thirty
Looking at: National Geographic, anything else that might make me cool
Listening to: the joggers, Interpol, French Kicks and some other hot stuff

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Erik Refner

114_thum.jpgName: Erik Refner
What: photographer
Company: Freelance agency Rapho, Paris
Where: Based in Copenhagen
Age: 32
Looking at: Non in particular.
Listening to: Wild Fred Willy, Queens of the stone age, Elvis.

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