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Frost Design

frost_design.jpgAlthough they’re graphic designers, they prefer to think of themselves as problem solvers. They combine intuitive thinking with a passion for craft skills. They also believe in creative collaboration, bringing in writers, photographers and illustrators early-on in a project. Above all, though, they care about ideas. Big ideas, expressed boldly. They’re not big on philosophy. They’re not even sure if they have one. While they definitely have an eye for powerful design, they prefer not to get bogged down in ‘missions’ and ‘visions’. They just get on with the job.


Studio SOI

studio_soi.jpgFounded beginning 2002 by a group of award-winning animation directors, studio soi was set up to produce fresh, visually strong, technically outstanding animation.

SOI produces commercials, titles, idents, TV series and short films.



Dave Wilson

111_thum.jpgName: Dave Wilson
What: 3D Artist
Company: Blur Studio
Where: Venice Beach, California, U.S.A
Age: 26
Looking at: Comics mostly, there’s always tons lying around the studio waiting to be read
Listening to: Anything really, Dave Matthews pops up a lot though

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46_thum.jpgName: m-o-n-a-m-o-u-r
What: Artist/ Designer
Company: m-o-n-a-m-o-u-r
Where: Paris, FRANCE
Age: 28
Looking at: Fidgetmagazine ’7′, ZOO, Tiger, Colette
Listening to: Crydamoure, atouchofclassusa

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Sunil Pawar

71_thum.jpgName: Sunil Pawar
What: Illustrator/creative/directors assistant/semi-retired DJ/insomniac
Company: Slingshot London/Patricia Murphy Films
Where: Kings Cross, London Town
Age: 343 months
Looking at: Paul Auster, Boards Magazine, Promo, This is a magazine, A Beginners guide to Home Baking
Listening to: The Heavy, N-E-R-D, The Slits and lots more..

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Takashi Okamoto

26_thum.jpgName: Takashi Okamoto
What: Digital artist
Company: mudpub
Where: New Haven, CT & Toronto, Canada
Age: 23
Looking at: ‘Lorentzian Wormholes: From Einstein to Hawking’ by Matt Visser
Listening to: kemuri, saves the day, the get up kids

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