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Tim Spear

15_thum.jpgName: Tim Spear
Where: London. UK
Age: 30
Looking at:
Listening to: Aphex Twin: Drukqs

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Chris James Hewitt

17_thum.jpgName: Chris James Hewitt
What: Graphic designer
Company: Now Wash Your Hands / The Systm network
Where: London UK
Age: 20
Looking at: Creative review, Juno, Chemical Records.
Listening to: Greg Murray, Plastic Boy, Gabriel & Dresden

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104_thum.jpgName: Sparth
What: artistic director and designer
Company: darkworks studio (videogame studio created in 95, paris)
Where: paris, france
Age: 31
Looking at: the secret of ji, by pierre grimbert (very good french rpg book)
Listening to: ambient music, and electronic stuff. (esem, digitonal, skanfrom, or the music score from the video game “homeworld”, 1999, by paul ruskay)

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Steven Stahlberg

105_thum.jpgName: Steven Stahlberg
What: 3d artist
Company: Optidigit
Where: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Age: 43
Looking at: Nightlamp by Jack Vance (for the third time)
Listening to: mostly 70′s and 80′s stuff

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3 Deep Design

3deep_design.jpgThe Character of 3 Deep Design is captured in its logo. Clear and confident, its bold typographic simplicity is functional, intelligent and solid. Letter by letter is crafted with an exactitude that speaks of a meticulious detail, focus and resolve.

Each project has a unique personality and communicates a humanist and intimate approach.

Image Credit: 3deep/Jeff Busby


Ingvar Kenne

106_thum.jpgName: Ingvar Kenne
What: Photographer
Company: Freelance
Where: Sydney, Australia
Age: 38
Looking at: doing bird magazine
Listening to: Just discovered Eminem, but trying to catch up with the rest of the world. Brahms is good too.

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Jeff Soto

100_thum.jpgName: Jeff Soto
What: illustrator, painter, cacti farmer.
Company: freelancer
Where: Riverside, CA, USA
Born: June 3rd, 1975
Looking at: Toys from my chilhood- Legos, Construx, star wars, etc. and nature.
Listening to: Outcast, Pulp Fiction Soundtrack, various oldschool rap, The Supersuckers, System of a Down, and Faith No More. But the best sound in the world is a kitten’s meow.

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MANEL stephane

96_thum.jpgName: MANEL stephane
What: illustrator
Company: Freelance (and i’ve got 2 agents: agent002 in Paris and Unit in USA and Europe)
Where: Paris, France
Age: 31
Looking at: Pretty girls. and Citizen K, BlackBook, Tokyon, SelfService, Neomu etc…
Listening to: Serge Gainsbourg etc…

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Mongrel Associates

mongrel.jpgmongrel uses its eclectic character to work within various medias – design for print, digital media, fashion and interior design.

mongrel sets out to produce new and individual work for its clients.

mongrel man’s best friend.


(Originally published June 2003. This site unfortunately no longer exists)


shynola.jpgShynola studied illustration and media at college in Maidstone, Kent, during which time they collaborated to make paintings, books, comics, illustrations, music and poetry. In 1996, they organised a show of work with friends from college at a London gallery, and the show was called “Shinola”.

They’ve been hot in my book for years. Their list of promos, adverts and awards is too impressive to mention here.

They are represented by Studio AKA, Oil Factory and The Directors Bureau


arkitip.jpgUsing the magazine as a medium, Arkitip provides artists with a platform for open expression. Supporting Arkitip helps keep the true spirit of art alive.

ARKITIP’S beginnings were humble. While the magazine began with a 50 copy, hand stapled run in 1999, those first copies look more sophisticated than most other “zines” you might have considered in the same category.



daddy.jpgThey seem to be bluffing their way through the art of animation and music videos. Always good to see a crew with a sense of humour having fun with the medium.

D.A.D.D.Y stands for Design Animation Design Design Yay.

They are from Dublin (that is in Ireland)



a2_graphics.jpgAs a multi-disciplinary team A2-GRAPHICS/SW/HK focus’ on design for books, posters, visual languages, exhibitions, and the development of type.

A london based design practice founded, while studying at the Royal College of Art, by Scott Williams and Henrik Kubel in 1999.

A2/SW/HK – London


Lund Lund

lund_lund.jpgThe top photographers’ agency in Stockholm, Sweden.

Representing a number of Sweden’s most well-renowned and rewarded talents. LundLund has successfully produced campaigns for a wide range of internation brands.

The best resource for the best photographers in Sweden.


The Brainbox

the_brainbox.jpgThe Brainbox is a creative collective from Italy. Bringing their unique brand of motion graphics and animation.

(Recently: “I have been so busy I had no time to make a super dooper flash website but at the same time I want to show you what I’ve done… If you are a KarateKid fan or if you are in a good 80s nostalgic mood you must check it out!”)


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